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EU Laissez-Passer Country Signing Certificate Authority (CSCA)

This website contains information on the Country Signing Certificate Authority operated by the European Commission for the issuance of the European Union Laissez-Passer according to Council Regulation (EU) No 1417/2013 of 17 December 2013 laying down the form of the laissez-passer issued by the European Union.

More specifically, it provides the PEM encoded self-signed certificates of the EU Laissez-Passer CSCA, their SHA-1 fingerprints and information about naming structure (DN), validity dates and serial numbers.

This website is also the primary source for the Certificate Revocation Lists.

Contact information provided below can be used to request a printed copy of the information required to verify the authenticity of the certificates.

European Union Laissez-Passer CSCA Distinguished Name

The distinguished name of the EU Laissez-Passer CSCA is:

C=EU; O=European Union; OU=European Commission; CN=EU Laissez Passer CSCA.

Current CSCA self-signed certificate

Release date: 4 November 2015

Valid until: 4 February 2027

Serial Number: 1446657155

SHA-1 fingerprint: 43:CB:1B:AC:78:FB:2D:63:EA:AE:D7:FA:51:B9:E7:0B:4D:B4:B5:7A

Download current EU LP CSCA certificate.

Certificate Revocation List

The current Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is available for download at the link provided below.

Download current EU-LP CRL.

Previous Certificate Revocation Lists

EU Laissez Passer CRL 9.

EU Laissez Passer CRL 10.

EU Laissez Passer CRL 11.

EU Laissez Passer CRL 12.

Contact Information

The main communication channel for the EU Laissez-Passer CSCA is email.
The email address is: